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Isis Bracelet

Isis is the Chief Egyptian Goddess and Queen of Heaven. Wife of Osiris she also is a protector of  humanity. As one of the oldest manifestations of the divine mother she is believed to be the source of the many black madonnas throughout Europe. The folk legends of Isis and Mary became intertwined with the advent of Christianity.

Lapis and silver were sacred to Isis and are attuned to the Isis energy.

Call on her when you need love, protection or spiritual guidance or to find your own inner goddess.

   Cat #28           

Magdalene Bracelet

The Magdalene represents the divine partner. Given the title of Apostle to the Apostles, the Magdalene’s inner spiritual strength nurtured the Apostles through difficult times. Chosen to share the Christ’s teaching, she is a model for all on a spiritual path. Red coral represents her spirit and passion and is associated with the Magdalene.


Call on her to help you find  your own inner purpose or to encourage your own independence

 Cat #5


Mary – Our Lady of Peace

Mary represents the divine mother. Mother to all the people of the earth, she seeks peace for children.

She frequently appears in troubled parts of the world looking after her children. Blue lace agate is traditional associated with Mary as Our Lady of Peace.

 Call on her to help you find peace or to comfort you in difficult times.

Cat #6



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