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Prosperity Bracelet

For many years Aventurine has been used as a lucky talisman and to improve prosperity. The lovely green color of the Aventurine invokes images of increased abundance. Additionally, Aventurine helps develop self-confidence.

Use this bracelet as focus to increase confidence and abundance.

   Cat #4            


Raspberry Quartz Attunement Bracelet 

Crafted with intention, this raspberry quartz bracelet helps balance the seven major chakras of the wearer and helps brings attunement to the higher spiritual realms.

This attunement bracelet helps bring the spiritual energies divinely gifted upon humans into manifestation. 

Use this bracelet to balance your chakras as well as to discover and enhance your own spiritual energies.

 Cat #33 


Turquoise Prayer Bracelet

Prayer bracelets provide a  Western devotion for inner peace and divine connection, much like the prayer beads used in Eastern devotions.

Such devotions have been an important part of Eastern mysticism for centuries

Turquoise beads our excellent for spiritual attunement while allowing one to remain grounded during spiritual work. Personal prayers  or mantras, as well as traditional prayers, may be used with the prayer bracelet.

   Cat #19



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